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WiTricity and Protonex to Bring Wireless Charging to the Front Lines

Press Release

April 8, 2014

U.S. Army Natick Labs commissions research to develop technologies that will lighten the battery load for soldiers in the field

WATERTOWN, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--WiTricity, the industry pioneer in Highly Resonant Wireless Power Transfer (HRWPT) over distance, today announced a major contract award by Protonex, a leading provider of advanced portable power solutions for military applications. The project, which aims to develop wireless charging systems for mounted and dismounted warfighters, was commissioned by the U.S. Army’s Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center.

Today’s warfighters must carry 20 pounds or more of batteries to power the radios, computers, and other electronic devices that are critical to their mission. The goal of this project is to develop new approaches to wireless charging and wireless distribution of energy that will eliminate cumbersome and failure-prone power cables, while streamlining the charging of the main battery pack worn on the soldier’s vest. In one target configuration, the soldier’s central battery pack will charge automatically when the soldier is seated in a vehicle. In another configuration, energy will be transferred wirelessly from the soldier’s vest to electronic devices worn on the helmet, reducing the need to equip helmet-worn devices with expensive and heavy batteries.

No cords necessary

The Columbia Chronicle

April 8, 2014

Chargers and cords can be unplugged and tossed as wireless energy transfer is becoming better able to serve consumers.

Marin Soljačić, a physics professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, began developing wireless energy because he was tired of being awakened by his wife’s cell phone alerting her about a low battery charge. Over the past six years, the work of Soljačić and a team of MIT researchers and engineers has led to their establishing of a wireless electricity company called WiTricity.

WiTricity CTO Receives NCWIT Symons Innovator Award

Press Release

March 26, 2014

National Center for Women & Information Technology recognizes Katie Hall for her success in building WiTricity and role in bringing next-generation innovations to the tech industry at large

WATERTOWN, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--WiTricity, the inventor and patent holder of highly resonant wireless power transfer technology, today announced that Chief Technology Officer Katie Hall has been recognized by the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) for her role in establishing the company as a valuable IT business and bringing next-generation wireless charging solutions to the broader tech industry.

Each year, the NCWIT Symons Innovator Award honors an outstanding woman who has successfully grown and funded an IT business. Created by the NCWIT Entrepreneurial Alliance with support from EMC Corporation and Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., the award is named in memory of Jeanette Symons, founder of Industrious Kid, Zhone Technologies, and Ascend Communications. Previous award recipients include Findery founder Caterina Fake, serial entrepreneur and investor Jessica Jackley, and angel investor Audrey MacLean.

No Outlet, No Problem: This New Technology Could Power Your Gadgets Wirelessly


March 25, 2014

A startup says its innovative system can deliver power to devices up to 7 feet away

Katie Hall’s ideal home doesn't have electrical outlets, but the structure she envisions will be outfitted with the same kinds of appliances found in just about any modern dwelling. The only difference? The electronics—like wide-screen TVs, refrigerators, computers and lights—will all be powered by energy transmitted wirelessly from inside the walls.

WiTricity on CNN's "Make Create Innovate"

CNN - Make Create Innovate

March 14, 2014

WiTricity is a technology that could power all our devices over thin air. CNN's Nick Glass reports.

WiTricity Wants To Pull Plug On Charging Technology

WGBH Innovation Blog

March 17, 2014

Think about it. In order for anything to work, it needs to be plugged in either all the time or at some point — cell phones, computers, stereos, TV, hair dryers, blenders, vacuums...

But what if nothing had to be plugged in anymore, because electricity was “mobile,” could go anywhere, without all the wires?

A New Push to Solve Wireless Charging

MIT Technology Review

February 27, 2014

Device-makers align around a wireless charging technology that works through tables to charge multiple devices—and it’s expected in products later this year.

Toyota Begins Testing Wireless Charging System

Charged Magazine

February 18, 2014

Toyota will begin verification testing of its newly developed wireless charging system in late February. Toyota developed the system in cooperation with WiTricity, an MIT spin-off that the automaker has been cooperating with for several years.

Toyota Managing Officer Satoshi Ogiso announced in August that the next-generation Prius Plug-in Hybrid would include a wireless charging option.

WiTricity Joins the Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) to Commercialize Resonant Wireless Power

Press Release

February 11, 2014

WiTricity Joins A4WP

Company’s solution expertise and IP portfolio provides accelerated path to innovate with wireless power transfer using magnetic resonance

WATERTOWN, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--WiTricity, the leader in developing and deploying wireless power systems that deliver power safely and efficiently over distance, today announced that it has joined the Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) as a board member. As the holder of the foundational patents for highly resonant wireless power transfer over distance, WiTricity technology is part of the backbone of the A4WP's new Rezence™ specification for wireless power transfer based on this magnetic resonance.

WiTricity’s highly resonant wireless power transfer technology enables a host of unique benefits, including simultaneous charging of multiple devices with differing power requirements, and ‘spatial freedom’ for additional reach in the z-direction, eliminating the hassle of accurate coil alignment – all on a single charging surface or in a charging region.

5 things you might not know about Davos

Boston Globe: Global Business Hub

February 1, 2014

WiTricity CEO, Eric Giler, details some of the things he learned while attending the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland as a representative for WiTricity, which was honored as one of the 2014 WEF Technology Pioneers.

Wireless Power: There’s a New Way to Do It. Or Is It New?

EE Journal

January 23, 2014

Bryon Moyer of the Electronic Engineering Journal interviewed WiTricity CEO, Eric Giler, to talk about the invention of highly resonant wireless power transfer, the founding of WiTricity, the state of wireless power and how wireless power will transform our world. In addition, Bryon covers the differences between induction and resonance, and how resonance will deliver power over greater distances with much greater flexibility.

Video: Wirelessly charging your iPhone 5s over a distance is nearly here


January 9, 2014

SUMMARY:Instead of induction, WiTricity uses resonance to recharge devices wirelessly over several inches or even though objects. The company demonstrated this, along with a magnetic resonance repeater, and announced a wireless charger for iPhone 5 and 5s devices. SEE THE INCLUDED VIDEO

WiTricity Announces Breakthrough Wireless Charging System for Consumer Electronic Devices Including iPhone 5

Press Release

January 7, 2014

Revolutionary charging system wirelessly powers multiple devices over distance and through tabletops

WATERTOWN, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--WiTricity, the industry pioneer in wireless power over distance, today introduced the world's first system for wireless charging of consumer devices such as the iPhone5 using the company’s patented highly resonant wireless power transfer technology. “Our team is thrilled to introduce the first wireless charger that works over distance” A quantum leap forward in convenience and ease of use for wireless charging of consumer electronics, the WiTricity system charges gadgets over distance and through a variety of materials – including wood, granite, plastic and glass. Initially designed for the iPhone 5/5s, the WiTricity charging system is available as a reference design for companies who want to apply the technology for charging other smartphones, tablets, or consumer electronic devices.

Alleviating the battlefield battery burden with wireless power

Military Embedded Systems

December 17, 2013

Wireless power, a new technology already poised to change the way we recharge everything from smart phones to electric vehicles, has the unique potential to transform war fighting of the future and alleviate the battlefield battery burden for both soldiers and manned and unmanned vehicles on land, in the air, and undersea. The U.S. military goals of digitizing dismounted soldiers,sensing their environment, and sharing information could require as much as twice the power as is required by warfighters today; the already burdensome tasks of carrying, operating, and maintaining multiple batteries,cords, and connectors will only be exacerbated unless dramatic changes in power management are implemented using highly resonant Wireless Power Transfer (WPT)systems.

Toyota Licenses WiTricity Patent Portfolio for Wireless Power

Press Release

December 5, 2013

Toyota Logo

WATERTOWN, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--WiTricity, the industry pioneer in highly resonant wireless power transfer over distance, today announced an intellectual property license agreement with the world’s top-selling carmaker, Toyota Motor Corporation.

Having made an equity investment in WiTricity in 2011 to accelerate the development of automotive wireless charging systems and acceptance by carmakers, Toyota has cooperated technically with the company for the past several years. Under this intellectual property license agreement, Toyota will offer wireless charging power capture devices on their future rechargeable hybrid electric and battery electric vehicles. Compatible wireless charging sources will be manufactured by third party charging system suppliers, under license from WiTricity.

WiTricity Secures Additional $25 Million in Funding to Bolster Strategy for Global Wireless Power Leadership

Press Release

October 23, 2013

Intel Capital, Foxconn among investors in Series E round

Intel Logo

WATERTOWN, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--WiTricity, the industry pioneer in highly resonant wireless power transfer over distance, announced today it has secured $25 million in Series E financing from new and existing investors, including Intel Capital and Hon Hai/Foxconn, one of the world’s largest consumer electronics manufacturers. The funding will support the company’s growth strategy as it further develops designs and products for wireless charging in the consumer electronics, electric vehicles, defense and medical device industries, as well as allowing WiTricity to pursue other strategic growth opportunities in the wireless power field.

WiTricity Introduces WiCAD to Help Reduce R&D Costs, Speeds Time to Market for Wireless Power Products

Press Release

October 7, 2013

Simulation tool accelerates design and development of Highly Resonant Wireless Power Transfer systems

WiCad Header

WATERTOWN, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--WiTricity, the industry pioneer in Highly Resonant Wireless Power Transfer technology, today announced WiCAD, an end-to-end simulation environment for designing and developing Highly Resonant Wireless Power Transfer systems. The tool, a software application deployed on a subscription basis, enables developers to streamline the design process, avoid the high cost of trial-and-error physical prototyping, and significantly reduce the time to market of products.

As WiTricity’s Highly Resonant Wireless Power Transfer technology continues to widen its foothold in the market, the ability to conceptualize and simulate wireless power components and systems in a quick and efficient way is a key competitive advantage. WiCAD provides a modeling environment optimized for wireless energy transfer over distance that allows developers to stay focused on product creation and innovation, without having to invest in development of their own simulation tools based on conventional modeling and mathematics packages.

WiTricity Wins Mass Technology Leadership Council’s Award for Innovative Technology of the Year

Press Release

September 19, 2013

MassTLC Leadership Award Winners

WiTricity, the industry pioneer in highly resonant wireless power transfer over distance, today announced that it has won the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council’s Award for the 2013 Innovative Technology of the Year at the Council’s 16th annual Awards Gala.

WiTricity Recognized as World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer

Press Release

August 27, 2013

WEF Logo

WiTricity, the inventor and patent holder of highly resonant wireless power transfer technology, today announced that it has been selected by The World Economic Forum as one of the most innovative technology start-ups in the world. Recognized for its potential power to transform the future of business and society, WiTricity’s groundbreaking technology will be honored at the Forum’s Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2013 in Dalian, China from September 11-13, 2013.

Truly Wireless

Today's Medical Developmentss

July 2013

WiTricity’s technology can make devices more convenient and safe to use by eliminating the need for drive lines or surgical replacement of primary batteries. Other types of implantable pumps and therapies that require substantial power to operate, measured in watts or tens of watts to operate, can become practical – as they will no longer require drive lines that penetrate the skin. Lower power devices such as implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs), cardiac resynchronization therapy devices (CRTs), and conventional cardiac pacemakers today depend on relatively large primary (non-rechargeable) batteries, which must be surgically replaced every few years. Using WiTricity technology to recharge such devices will eliminate the need for surgical replacement of primary batteries. One day, a total artificial heart may be powered with implanted batteries that are re-charged using WiTricity technology.

From Orthopedics to Power Transfer—A Bright Future for Implants

Medical Design Technology

June 19, 2013

As traditional medical devices evolve to wireless implants, the challenge of how to charge the devices is taking center stage. One option would be to remove the pacemaker, heart assist pump, or other implant and replace the battery. Obviously this isn’t ideal because it requires an additional procedure. WiTricity is a wireless power transfer technology that utilizes magnetic resonance and can be used in conjunction with implants like ventricular assistance devices to facilitate charging through the patient’s skin without raising the temperature of the tissue, according to David Schatz, vice president of sales and business development at WiTricity. The technology allows for a power source several centimeters above the skin to charge a deeply embedded implant, allowing for more patient comfort and lower risks.

WiTricity Joins Power Matters Alliance

Press Release

May 8th, 2013

WiTricity Joins PMA

WiTricity Named as Vice-Chair of PMA Resonance Working Group

WiTricity, the industry pioneer in highly resonant wireless power transfer over distance, announced today that it has joined the Power Matters Alliance. WiTricity, the exclusive licensee of MIT’s patents for wireless energy transfer, will help define a highly resonant implementation for the PMA’s ‘Power 2.0’ set of specifications. “WiTricity has done some of the most foundational work in wireless power in the modern era,” said Ron Resnick, president, Power Matters Alliance. “We are thrilled that WiTricity will be making their experience and knowhow available, is committed to offer licenses to WiTricity IP to all PMA members and will be helping to lead the PMA’s Resonance Working Group.”

Mitsubishi Concept CA-MiEV triples the i-MIEV's range, adds wireless charging


March 6, 2013

Mitsubishi's i-MiEV is known for many accomplishments in the electric car world, but long-range driving and staggeringly good looks aren't among them. Its just-unveiled Concept CA-MiEV solves the former by making at least a token gesture towards the latter. The combination of flat-packed, high-density 28kWh lithium-ion batteries and a sleeker, low-drag shape help the compact car last for 186 miles on a charge, or exactly three times what the i-MiEV could muster. It's enough that Mitsubishi describes the concept as a "suburban" EV that could last for a week of typical European commuting on one charge. As it's a showfloor darling, the Concept CA-MiEV naturally stuffs in a lot of technology that's only sometimes related to the battery: it can charge wirelessly using WiTricity's magnetic resonance, takes data from smartphones and will email the owner if it's stolen.

WiTricity Opens Second Office in Utah and Brings Onboard New Management and Technical Team Members

WiTricity Press Release

February 26, 2013

Strategic Growth Will Enable Further Development of Wireless Power Systems in Multiple Business Areas

WATERTOWN, MA and NIBLEY, UT - WiTricity, the industry pioneer in highly resonant wireless power transfer over distance, announced today that the company is expanding to include a second location in Utah to fuel product development across a range of industries. The new office, located in Nibley (near Logan), will serve as a hub for WiTricity development of wireless power systems in the defense, industrial and transportation sectors through the technical expertise of several team members formerly with the Energy Dynamics Laboratory (EDL) at the Utah State University Research Foundation (USURF).

WiTricity opens office near Utah State, a hotbed of research for high-speed wireless charging

The Boston Globe

February 26, 2013

WiTricity, a Watertown company that licenses technology with such potential applications as allowing electric cars and consumer-electronics devices to wirelessly recharge their batteries, said Tuesday that it is opening an office near Utah State University, a hotbed of research for high-speed wireless charging.

WiTricity Joins Electric Drive Transportation Association

EDTA Press Release

February 13, 2013

Washington, DC - The Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA), the leading industry association dedicated to promoting electric drive as a core technology on the road to sustainable mobility, recently welcomed new member company WiTricity.

“Our association welcomes WiTricity as a new member that represents the ingenuity and motivation across the electric drive supply chain,” said EDTA President Brian Wynne. “WiTricity offers a vision for wireless charging that will enhance the consumer experience while growing infrastructure important to expanding EV adoption.”

Tour WiTricity's Room of Tomorrow: Wireless Charging That’s Flexible

Laptop Magazine

February 26, 2013

During a demo at CES 2013, WiTricity CEO Eric Giler showed off several ways the company’s technology can be applied to consumer tech products and the home. One example included an Apple laptop with a resonant coils inside that could be used to charge a smartphone just by setting the phone near the notebook (7:00 mark in the video above). Other standouts include a 100W television set powered by a coil located beneath the TV stand (8:22) and a wooden desk wired to power a lamp, wireless keyboard, and any other WiTricity-enabled hardware nearby (10:05). Giler also showed us how copper coil wired into carpeting can be used to power home appliances, smart phones, even rechargeable batteries (10:30).

WiTricity and Alps Electric Join Forces to Develop Wireless Charging for Mobile Devices

WiTricity Press Release

January 8, 2013

Partnership Will Foster Breakthroughs for Consumer Electronics and Automotive OEM Applications

LAS VEGAS, NV - WiTricity, the industry leaders in highly resonant wireless power transfer — wireless electricity delivered safely over distance — and Alps Electric, a leading global electronics manufacturer, announced today at CES2013 a strategic collaboration to create wireless charging modules and systems for powering a broad range of mobile devices.

The relationship targets the development of wireless charging modules and systems that Alps Electric will sell to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), original design manufacturers (ODMs) and contract manufacturers around the world. It represents another milestone in the growth of highly resonant wireless power transfer as the preferred technology for wireless charging in consumer electronics and other industries.

Wireless Power May Cut the Cord for Plug-In Devices, Including Cars

National Geographic

December 28, 2012

A mobile phone that charges in your pocket, a flat-screen TV that needs no power cord, a car fueled by a cordless panel in the floor: In a nondescript building just outside Boston, these and other applications of wireless electricity signal a future with fewer snaking cables.

WiTricity, a company spun off from research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), aims to redefine how people use energy, making it possible to power devices without ever plugging them into an outlet. In WiTricity's lab, various devices run on power transmitted via electric coils through the air.

Power play: Wireless charging at a distance arrives

Computer World

October 31, 2012

It feels a bit like being at a magic show, watching David Schatz hold a light or smartphone feet above a power pad to demonstrate how magnetic resonance wireless technology can charge any device over distance.

Schatz, director of business development at WiTricity in Watertown, Mass., can even show off the wireless “room of the future,” where lamps, cell phones—you name it—can all be powered through the air, no matter where they are in the room….

WiTricity Launches Prodigy™, a Demonstration Kit for Wireless Electricity at Wireless Power World 2012

WiTricity Press Release

September 13, 2012

Low-cost unit from inventors of highly resonant wireless power transfer makes it easy for engineers to see, show technology

Shanghai, China - WiTricity, the inventors of highly resonant wireless power transfer — wireless electricity delivered safely over distance — today announced the launch of Prodigy™ at the Wireless Power World 2012 Conference in Shanghai. Prodigy™ aims to foster innovation by enabling engineers, product designers and science educators to demonstrate and explore the capabilities of wireless power over distance.

Efficient Power Conversion (EPC) Announces a WiTricity™ Demonstration System Featuring High Frequency Gallium Nitride (eGaN®) FETs

Press Release

August 13, 2012

EPC, the leader in enhancement mode gallium nitride based power management devices, today announced a high efficiency wireless power demonstration system jointly developed by EPC and WiTricity. The system utilizes the high frequency switching capability of gallium nitride transistors and features a pair of WiTricity 6.78 MHz PCB resonators.

WiTricity Takes Its Car-Charging Technology Out for a Road Test (New York Times)

News Story

July 25, 2012

For a company trying to put wireless charging devices on electric cars, road-trip exercises in circa 2012 can be interesting. WiTricity is the company, based near Boston, which has partnerships with Audi, Mitsubishi and Toyota (which is also an investor) to put wireless charging on electric cars, possibly as early as the 2015 model year. WiTricity licenses technology, developed at M.I.T., to transfer power between a pair of copper coils resonating at the same electromagnetic frequency. On Tuesday, Eric Giler, the president of WiTricity, and two associates, drove a BMW ActiveE electric car from Massachusetts to a reporter's home in Connecticut...

CEO Eric Giler Speaks at NewYorkForum Africa

News Story

June, 2012

WiTricity CEO, Eric Giler, was invited to speak to a distinguished audience of economic, political, environmental and business leaders at the New York Forum Africa 2012 program. In addition to explaining and demonstrating WiTricity technology, Giler describes the ways in which wireless power transfer can help accelerate the access to electric power for people living in regions that have inadequate electrical distribution infrastructure in their homes and villages.

“Massachusetts Governor Patrick Visits WiTricity“

News Story

April 25, 2012

Imagine charging your cell phone just by putting it on your hallway table or having lamps you can put anywhere in the room because they don’t have a wire, or even an electrical car that can be charged without plugging in into a special charging station. Gov. Deval Patrick saw these and other prototypes developed by Watertown-based WiTricity Corp. Tuesday afternoon.

“Automatic Recharging, From a Distance (New York Times)“

News Story

March 10, 2012

THINK how convenient it would be if you could recharge electronic devices without ever having to plug them in — or even take them out of your briefcase. Instead, you could leave your briefcase, tote bag or backpack on a counter in the living room at home, and the smartphones and tablets within could see to their own recharging. And the robotic vacuum cleaner in the corner of the room could do likewise.

“Audi announces collaboration with WiTricity“

News Story

March 1, 2012

Audi is working on wireless charging technology using WiTricity technology...This technology would allow the driver to simply pull into their garage or driveway and charging would automatically start. The system uses two WiTricity coils with one in the parking lot (or driveway/garage) and another integrated into the car’s charging system. Power would be transferred between those two coils to charge the vehicle batteries.

“MIT Technology Review names WiTricity as one of the 50 most innovative companies of 2012!“

News Story

February 22, 2012

What is a TR50 company? It is a business whose innovations force other businesses to alter their strategic course. TR50 members are nominated by Technology Review’s editors, who look for companies that over the last year have demonstrated original and valuable technology, are bringing that technology to market at a significant scale, and are clearly influencing their competitors.

“WiTricity Corporation, IHI Corporation, and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation Combine to Develop Easily Deployable Wireless Charging Systems for Electric Vehicles“

Press Release

September 27, 2011

WiTricity Corporation (WiTricity), IHI Corporation (IHI) and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) have agreed to join forces to research and develop easily deployable electric vehicle (EV) wireless charging systems readily compatible with electric grids which will make life easier for EV users in the future.

“MediaTek Inc. Signs Technology Transfer and License Agreement with WiTricity Corp. for Wireless Charging“

Press Release

July 11, 2011

MediaTek Inc., a leading fabless semiconductor company for wireless communications and digital multimedia solutions, and WiTricity, the technology leader in wireless power, today jointly announced that they have entered into a technology transfer and license agreement. MediaTek will collaborate on the development and marketing of semiconductor solutions optimized for WiTricity's patented technology for wireless charging over distance.

“General Electric awards WiTricity in its latest "ecomagination" challenge“


June 23, 2011

General Electric Co., the world's largest maker of power-generation equipment, awarded $63 million to 10 companies developing solar, renewable energy, and cleantech technologies. WiTricity was selected as one of the winners of the GE ecomagination challenge for the energy savings achieved through wireless energy transfer.

“WiTricity and IHI to Develop Wireless Charging System for Electric Vehicles“

IHI Press Release

June 15, 2011

“Tokyo, Japan, June 15, 2011--- IHI Corporation and WiTricity Corporation of Watertown, MA have agreed to collaborate on the development of wireless charging systems for electric vehicles. In addition to collaborating on the development of wireless charging systems for electric vehicles, IHI also plans to apply the technology to industrial machinery to simplify installation and maintenance, by eliminating cumbersome electric power cables.“

“WiTricity and Osram unveil wireless LED lighting“


May 17, 2011

OSRAM SYLVANIA's advanced luminaire concept is powered by a wireless power source developed by Witricity. The pendant luminaire is suspended by non conducting nylon lines, in a first of a kind demonstration of a wireless lighting fixture.

“Thoratec and WiTricity To Develop Wireless Powering of Implantable Heart Devices“


May 11, 2011

“PLEASANTON, CA ' Thoratec Corporation, a world leader in device-based mechanical circulatory support therapies to save, support and restore failing hearts, today announced a technology development agreement with WiTricity Corporation relating to WiTricity's proprietary wireless resonant energy transfer technology for application in the field of mechanical circulatory support. “

“Toyota and WiTricity Form Wireless Battery-charging Alliance“

Toyota Press Release

April 27, 2011

“TOYOTA CITY, JAPAN ' Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) has entered into a technological collaboration agreement with WiTricity Corporation concerning the practical application of automotive wireless charging systems and the promotion of their widespread use. TMC plans to participate in a WiTricity capital increase.“

“Delphi Showcases Innovative Wireless EV Charging“h2>

Delphi Automotive Press Release

April 13, 2011

“DETROIT ' Delphi Automotive has equipped an electric vehicle with its Delphi Wireless Charging System, a highly efficient wireless energy transfer system featuring technology developed by WiTricity Corporation. Delphi will display the test vehicle at this year's SAE World Congress here this week.“

“8 Things You Should Have Seen at CTIA 2011“


March 29, 2011

“Because the magnetic fields can pass electricity safely through humans, objects and concrete walls, someday we might have parking spots that can charge electric cars and desks and couches capable of juicing up your iPhone, iPad and laptop while all three items sit unplugged in your briefcase.“

“Power Unwired“

UK Wired Magazine

November 10, 2010

“Soljačić managed something that no one else had done before. He figured out how to separate the coils in a transformer to a distance greater than their size and have it continue to work, says Eric Giler, CEO of WiTricity“

“Delphi and WiTricity Developing Wireless Electric Car Charger“

New York Times

November 2, 2010

“The auto supplier Delphi and a partner, the WiTricity Corporation, are developing a hands-free charging technology to transfer electricity over short distances without physical contact.“


“Delphi Working to Make Electric Vehicle Wireless Charging a Reality“

Press Release

September 29, 2010

“TROY, Mich. - Delphi Automotive has reached an agreement with WiTricity Corp., a wireless energy transfer technology provider, to develop automatic wireless charging products for hybrid and electric vehicles. The collaboration between the two companies will help establish a global infrastructure of safe and convenient charging options for consumer and commercial electric vehicles.“

“Power from thin air“

Economist Article

June 10, 2010

“Wireless technology: It is already possible to send electricity without wires. Can devices be powered using ambient radiation from existing broadcasts? ANYONE whose mobile phone has ever run out of juice—which means, these days, more than half the world’s population—will like the idea of getting electrical power out of the air.“

“The Next Little Thing: Wireless Electricity”

Fortune Small Business

December 2009/January 2010

“Marin Soljačić couldn't sleep. The problem was his wife's Nokia cell phone. The tyrannical device beeped on the bedside table when it needed to be plugged in. It could not be disabled. Instead of taking a hammer to the phone, Soljačić marveled at the fact that this device, and billions of others like it, was sitting a few feet away from all the electricity it could ever need. Why couldn't it receive power wirelessly, just as laptops get Wi-Fi?”

Mass Technology Leadership Council Names WiTricity “Emerging Innovative Company of 2009”


November 6, 2009

“The Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council announced the winners of the 2009 Technology Leadership Awards at its 12th annual Awards Gala yesterday evening at the Copley Marriot Hotel. These awards recognize the best and brightest technology innovators and leaders in the Bay State. Awards are given to companies and individuals that either develop or implement innovative technology solutions. The recognition highlights recent and significant contributions to companies or the broader industry.”

“The GoingGreen 100 Top Private Companies of 2009”

AlwaysOn Network

September 3, 2009

“With every industry and sector on earth in the midst of a green revolution, plenty of worthy candidates always present themselves for the GoingGreen 100. Adhering to the usual criteria, our judges evaluated hundreds of companies. AlwaysOn Network recognized WiTricity as Energy Efficiency winner for the breakthrough potential of their technologies, market size, management team, and investors.”

Mass High Tech Names 2009 All-Stars of New England Innovation Economy

Mass High Tech

August 21, 2009

“Witricity CEO, Eric Giler, was recognized as a leading technology executive and entrepreneur by Mass High Tech’s editorial staff. “The All-Stars honorees represent a broad range of technology and service sectors, including robotics, mobile technology, hardware, health care, materials, Internet and biotech. They stand as proof that innovation and growth in New England come in many forms, and technology leaders continue to emerge,” said E. Douglas Banks, editor of Mass High Tech.

“Wireless Power System Shown Off”

BBC News

July 23, 2009

“A system that can deliver power to devices without the need for wires has been shown off at a hi-tech conference. The technique exploits simple physics and can be used to charge a range of electronic devices over many meters. Eric Giler, chief executive of US firm WiTricity, showed mobile phones and televisions charging wirelessly in Oxford. He said the system could replace the miles of expensive power cables and billions of disposable batteries. ”

“Electricity Unplugged”

Physics World

February, 2009

“In the near future, wireless electricity could replace the ubiquitous power cable. WiTricity co-founder, Aristeidis Karalis, looks at a revolutionary new way of transmitting power without wires. ”

Wireless Electricity is Here (Seriously)

Fast Company

February/March 2009

“Though WiTricity uses two coils — one powered, one not, just like eCoupled’s system — it differs radically in the following way: Soljačić’s coils don’t have to be close to each other to transfer energy. Instead, they depend on so-called magnetic resonance. Like acoustical resonance, which allows an opera singer to break a glass across the room by vibrating it with the correct frequency of her voice’s sound waves, magnetic resonance can launch an energetic response in something far away.”

Wireless Power Electrifies CES


January 9, 2009

“Perhaps the most promising wireless power technology is on display in a private suite high in the Venetian hotel tower. It’s the latest iteration of WiTricity, the Watertown, Mass.-based brainchild of MIT physicist Marin Soljačić.”

The Power to Overcome a Bad Economy

Boston Globe

November 23, 2008

By Scott Kirsner
In a brick building in Watertown where men's suits were once made, Eric Giler is running a company that seems to be defying the gravity of the current economic morass....

Giler Charged Up to be WiTricity CEO

Mass High Tech: The Journal of New England Technology

October 31, 2008

By Efrain Viscarolasaga
Stealthy wireless power developer WiTricity Corp. in Watertown has hired Brooktrout Technology Inc. co-founder and former Groove Mobile Inc. CEO Eric Giler as chief executive, adding a business presence to the company’s heralded MIT research team....

25 Awarded MacArthur ‘Genius’ Fellowships

The New York Times

September 23, 2008

Physicist Marin Soljačić is among 25 recipients of the MacArthur Foundation grant, awarded to “people working on the very edge of discovery and people at the edge of a new synthesis” ...

Durchbruch in der Elektrotechnik – Strom auf Schwingen
(Breakthrough in Electrical Engineering – The Power of Resonance)

Sueddeutsche Zeitung

November 27, 2008

Dem US-Physiker Marin Soljacic ist es gelungen, elektrische Energie durch die Luft zu übertragen. Nun steht die Industrie bei ihm Schlange. Eine Reportage von Martin Kotynek...

TR10: Wireless Power

MIT Technology Review

March/April 2008

Technology Review presents 10 technologies that we think are most likely to change the way we live. Physicist Marin Soljačić is working toward a world of wireless electricity...

Wireless Energy

New York Times

December 9, 2007

By Clay Risen
The M.I.T. physicist Marin Soljacic found inspiration for his latest invention in the dying batteries of his wife’s cellphone. Every morning around 2 her phone would beep loudly. “One night it occurred to me, wouldn’t it be great if this thing took care of its own charging?” he says. The question was how to transfer energy wirelessly...

Wireless energy promise powers up

BBC News

June 7, 2007

By Jonathan Fildes
Science and technology reporter, BBC News
A clean-cut vision of a future freed from the rat’s nest of cables needed to power today’s electronic gadgets has come one step closer to reality.

Wireless Energy Lights Bulb from Seven Feet Away

Scientific American

June 7, 2007

By JR Minkel
If you thought wireless Internet made life convenient, try wrapping your mind around wireless power...

Das Ende der Strippe
(The End of the Wire)

Zeit Online

June 14, 2007

By Von Christoph Drösser
Ein Preis von 3000 Dollar winkte dem, der es schaffen würde, »einen Luftschiffmotor mit Energie anzutreiben, die durch den Raum übertragen wird«. Der drahtlose Strom sollte 30 Meter überbrücken und eine Leistung von 75 Watt liefern....