The WiT-3300 is a wireless “Park-and-Charge” self-charging system for electric vehicles. The system provides an efficient wireless energy transfer solution that completely avoids the need for the driver to plug in their battery electric vehicle or PHEV.

Energy transfer over a distance and through paving materials

The WiT-3300 is designed to transfer energy over distances ranging from 10-20cm, and custom configurations can be provided for vehicles having higher or lower ground clearance. Wireless energy transfer can occur through any non-metallic material, which means that the source device can be installed beneath a garage floor or paved parking space.

Technological advantage

WiTricity’s patented energy transfer system does not require the source and capture resonator pairs to be perfectly aligned in order to achieve efficient energy transfer. In addition, our strongly coupled magnetic resonance energy transfer provides products which are 4x smaller, 2x lighter, and more efficient than solutions based on traditional magnetic induction.

The System

The WiT-3300 provides a complete set of wireless energy source and capture modules that can be integrated into an EV or PHEV for a truly wireless park-and-charge system.

The WiT-3300 enables users to evaluate, demonstrate, and develop applications for WiTricity’s patented (US 7,825,543 & US 7,741,734) and patent pending technology for wireless energy transfer. The kit demonstrates WiTricity’s unmatched ability to transfer energy over distance, through paving materials, and without requiring precise parking alignment.

WiTricity WiT-3300

System includes:

  • WiTricity wireless energy source, 15-20 cm or 10-15 cm range
  • WiTricity energy capture module, 15-20 cm or 10-15 cm range
  • WiTricity RF Amplifier Assembly
  • WiTricity On-Vehicle Rectifier Assembly
  • Full set of power cables for all components
  • Users manual

The system can be purchased with a programmable DC Supply & Load, software to support testing, a resonator test bench, and accessories to support an in-depth evaluation.

The Development System

Also available is the WiT-3300 Development System which in addition to the system components, also includes our complete Design Documentation Package and in-depth technical training.

Putting wireless energy to work

Commercial use and sale of products based on WiTricity technology requires an IP license from WiTricity, or the purchase of licensed production level modules from WiTricity or other authorized resellers and component manufacturers. Please contact WiTricity sales for further information regarding licensing and purchase of production volumes of components.

System specifications

Attribute Specifications
Operating Frequency 85 kHz, nominal
Lateral Positional Tolerance ±15 cm in vehicle side to side axis
±7.5 cm in vehicle bumper to bumper axis
Output Power DC: 300 watts-3.3 kilowatts, continuously variable
Peak Efficienchy 90% (AC Mains to DC out)
Output Voltage DC: 250 VDC- 400 VDC at 3.3 kW
Physical Dimensions
Source Module Enclosure 50 cm x 50 cm x 5 cm; 12.5 kg
Capture Module Enclosure 30 cm x 30 cm x 1 cm; 5.1 kg
RF Amplifier Assembly 37 cm x 64 cm x 15 cm; 20.3 kg
On-Vehicle Rectifier Assembly 20 cm x 28 cm x 7 cm; 3.6 kg
FOD (Foreign Object Detection) Equipped
LOD (Live Object Detection) Equipped

Please contact us to discuss possible applications.