Features and Benefits

WiTricity’s Technology

Technology Benefit

Highly Resonant Strong Coupling

High Efficiency Over Distance

Energy Transfer via Magnetic Near Field

Penetrates and Wraps-Around Obstacles

Non-Radiative Energy Transfer

Safe for People and Animals

Scalable Design

From Milliwatts to Kilowatts

Flexible Geometry

Devices That Can Fit Into OEM Products

Highly Resonant Strong Coupling Provides High Efficiency Over Distance

WiTricity's mode of wireless power transfer is highly efficient over distances ranging from centimeters to several meters. We define efficiency as the amount of usable electrical energy that is available to the device being powered, divided by the amount of energy that is drawn by the WiTricity source. In many applications, efficiency can exceed 90%. And WiTricity sources only transfer energy when it is needed. When a WiTricity powered device no longer needs to capture additional energy, the WiTricity power source will automatically reduce its power consumption to a power saving “idle” state. Contact WiTricity to learn the efficiency and distance ranges that can be achieved in your applications.

Energy Transfer via Magnetic Near Field Can Penetrate and Wrap Around Obstacles

The magnetic near field has several properties that make it an excellent means of transferring energy in a typical consumer, commercial, or industrial environment.  Most common building and furnishing materials, such as wood, gypsum wall board, plastics, textiles, glass, brick, and concrete are essentially “transparent” to magnetic fields—enabling WiTricity technology to efficiently transfer power through them.  In addition, the magnetic near field has the ability to “wrap around” many metallic obstacles that might otherwise block the magnetic fields.  WiTricity’s applications engineering team will work with you to address the materials and environmental factors that may influence wireless energy transfer in your application.

Non-Radiative Energy Transfer is Safe for People and Animals

WiTricity’s technology is a non-radiative mode of energy transfer, relying instead on the magnetic near field. Magnetic fields interact very weakly with biological organisms—people and animals—and are scientifically regarded to be safe. Professor Sir John Pendry of Imperial College London, a world renowned physicist, explains:  “The body really responds strongly to electric fields, which is why you can cook a chicken in a microwave.  But it doesn't respond to magnetic fields. As far as we know the body has almost zero response to magnetic fields in terms of the amount of power it absorbs."  Evidence of the safety of magnetic fields is illustrated by the widespread acceptance and safety of household magnetic induction cooktops.  

Through proprietary design of the WiTricity source, electric fields are almost completely contained within the source. This design results in levels of electric and magnetic fields which fall well within regulatory guidelines. Thus WiTricity technology doesn’t give rise to radio frequency emissions that interfere with other electronic devices, and is not a source of electric and magnetic field levels that pose a risk to people or animals. 

Limits for human exposure to magnetic fields are set by regulatory bodies such as the FCC, ICNIRP, and are based on broad scientific and medical consensus. WiTricity technology is being developed to be fully compliant with applicable regulations regarding magnetic fields and electromagnetic radiation.

Scalable Design Enables Solutions from milliwatts to Kilowatts

WiTricity systems can be designed to handle a broad range of power levels. The benefits of highly efficient energy transfer over distance can be achieved at power levels ranging from milliwatts to several kilowatts. This enables WiTricity technology to be used in applications as diverse as powering a wireless mouse or keyboard (milliwatts) to recharging an electric passenger vehicle (kilowatts). WiTricity technology operates in a “load following” mode, transferring only as much energy as the powered device requires.

Flexible Geometry Allows WiTricity Devices to be Embedded Into OEM Products

WiTricity technology is being designed so that it can be easily embedded into a wide variety of products and systems. The physics of resonant magnetic coupling enables WiTricity engineers to design power sources and devices of varying shapes and sizes, to match both the packaging requirements and the power transfer requirements in a given OEM application. WiTricity has designed power capture devices compact enough to fit into a cell phone.